Thank you for your wonderful support since the birth of RP Success in the spring of 2008. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with your credit union for these last ten years, including 2017. For some credit unions I have been working with them since 1984 taking into account my previous work life with your trustee.

The end of 2017 will see the close of RP Success as I move into my retirement years! I can’t wait!!

You have probably noticed the change in my web-site. Due to a failure of the site and my upcoming retirement I decided to make this short-term site just a quick one page site.

Below you will find a listing of my scheduled 2017 Spring and Fall Winnipeg training sessions along with the planned November and December webinars.   Scheduled training sessions at the Elkhorn Resort location will be determined based on the needs of area credit unions who will receive an email in late January for spring session input and late May for fall session input.     Links to available LIF Maximum Payment Calculators and Estate T4RSP and T4RIF worksheets are also provided below.

If you are interested in registered plans training specifically for your credit union during 2017, please contact me via email or telephone (204-452-9074) for pricing and details on topics available.

Lori Bourgeois

2017 Scheduled Sessions


All sessions  at Victoria Inn 1808 Wellington Ave
Regency Room 9:15 am sign-in                             Spring – Registration Form
May 3 – Basic RRIF – synopsis
May 9 – Introduction to RESPs – synopsis
May 17 – Combined Basic RRSP & RRIF – synopsis
May 30 – Advanced RRIF – synopsis
June 6 – Locked-in Registered Plans with                                    Manitoba jurisdiction – synopsis               

Sept 20 – Advanced RESPs – synopsis
Sept 26 – Registered Plans Estate Payouts                               – synopsis
Oct 4 – Basic RRSPs – synopsis
Oct 18 – MB LIRA/LIF/PRRIF & PBSA 1985                         LIRSP/LIF/RLIF – synopsis
Oct 24 – Advanced RRSPs – synopsis
Fall Registration Form (available June)

Elkhorn Resort

Near Riding Mountain National Park.                         Spring – Registration Form                                         May 16 – Advanced RRIFs – synopsis                   June 8 – Locked-in Registered Plans with                                    Manitoba jurisdiction – synopsis                     

Fall – To be announced based on needs of           credit unions in that area


Registered Plans Year-end Reporting – synopsis
Nov 21, 22, 23 – 2-hr session each day 2:15 to 4:15
Registration Form (available June)

Tax-Free Savings Accounts – synopsis
Dec 5 – one 2-hr session 9:45 am start
Dec 6 – one 2-hr session 2:15 pm start
Registration Form (available June)

LIRA LIF Jurisdictions Quick Reference Sheet


Excel Calculators for Credit Unions

note: worksheets provided are not meant to replace any manual calculation requirements of your credit union’s trustee or internal policies. RP Success does not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of any of these worksheets.

Registered Education Savings Plans    Accumulated CESG Room Calculator

Maximum LIF Payment Calculation
Life Income Funds have maximum payment restrictions and must be calculated at the time of purchase and each January thereafter. The following excel worksheets has been developed to assist in confirming system and manual calculations.

Manitoba LIF                                                           NEW 2017 Maximum Payment Calculation
EXISTING 2017 Maximum Payment Calculation
Federal PBSA 1985 LIF/RLIF                                2017 Maximum Payment (new & existing)
Ontario LIF                                                             NEW 2017 Purchase Maximum Payment Calculation
EXISTING 2017 Maximum Payment Calculation

RRSP and RRIF Estate T4 Worksheets

It is important that estate T4RSPs and T4RIFs are issued in the correct name for the proper tax year with the right amount. It is unlikely your credit union’s data system will provide you with the correct reporting requirements.
RP Success has developed three excel worksheets that will provide the proper T4 information after you have completed some important details.

Within Exempt Period:                                                    Estate T4RSP Worksheet
Estate T4RIF Worksheet                                            note: exempt period is payout/transfer no later than Dec 31st of year after death

Beyond Exempt Period:                                        Estate T4RSP Worksheet