Available at both Basic and Advanced levels.  The Basic session helps participants gain an understanding of terminology and legislation while building their confidence in dealing with members.  The Advanced session provides a review of legislation and covers those more in-depth subjects such as 3rd-party demands, relationship breakdowns and locked-in pension funds.



Available at both Basic and Advanced levels.  The Basic session builds participants confidence in assisting members transferring their RRSPs to RRIF.  The Advanced session provides a review of legislation, year-end reporting, pension income credit and splitting as well as estate payouts and tax slips.

Locked-in Registered Plans


LIRA, LIRSP, RLSP, LIF, RLIF and MB RRIF          Let RP Success take the jargon out of all these locked-in registered funds acronyms.   With many pension jurisdictions changing their rules in the last few years, ensure your staff is up-to-date for the jurisdictions your credit union offers.

RRSP, RRIF and TFSA Estates


Review estate payout options, definitions and required T4RSPs, T4RIFs, T4As.



Available at both Introduction and Advanced levels.  The Introduction session helps participants understand the more common scenarios for depositing and withdrawing funds.  The Advanced session goes beyond the basics by also discussing more complex scenarios, transfers, relationship breakdown and death.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts


This session ensures participants understand some of the more complex details of this new product available to members in 2009.

Disability Savings Plan


The new Registered Disability Savings Plan just came to market in late 2008.  This session helps participants understand the important features for qualifying individuals.

RRSP, RRIF, TFSA Year-end Reporting


Learn all the nuances of CRA's year-end reporting requirements


Let RP Success assist in ensuring your registered plans are not a weak link on the credit union`s balance sheet. With years of expertise in the administrative policies and procedures of RRSP and RRIF including locked-in pension funds, RP Success can assist in identifying potential deficiencies in a credit union's registered plan portfolios. Whether it's a review of existing plan files, development of internal procedures and/or audit standards or evaluating plan policies, our experience can help your credit union ensure its registered plans are compliant with legislative and trustee requirements.

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LIRA, LIF, RLIF, RESP Calculators

Click on Tools for Credit Unions to view all the available calculators.                                             Effective December 29, 2015 all calculators that required updating for 2016 have been  posted.

2016 Fall Registered Plans Training

  • RESP Overview  2-hr webinar  Sept 13 & 14 am 
  • Basic RRSP - Winnipeg Oct 4;                           Elkhorn Resort Oct 6 
  • Advanced RRSP - Elkhorn Resort Oct 18:        Winnipeg Oct 19 
  • Registered Plans Estate Payouts -                          Elkhorn Resort Nov 2; Winnipeg Nov 3
  • Registered Plans Yearend Reporting -              three 2-hr webinars; Nov 22, 23, 24 pm 
  • TFSA - 2-hr webinar  Dec 6 am  ;  Dec 7 pm
  • RRSP Overview 2-hr webinar Jan 10 am;            Jan 11 pm 
  • Please refer to our Calendar page for more details and registration forms. 

    RP Success Blog

    TFSA - How can we assist members? (Updated May 25, 2015)

    I think at times we tend to over simplify the TFSA product.  It is not only the members who are treating this like an in/out savings account and it also our credit union staff.  When setting up monthly deposits we need to confirm with the member that s/he wants to save, meaning put the money in and not take it out until some year in the future.  More

    Did You Know...

    TFSA Did You Know . . . . . . .

    2016 new TFSA room is $5,500.                  Members who have not yet opened a TFSA anywhere, have been accumulating TFSA room since 2009, provided they were age 18 or older than. $5,000 for each year, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 plus $5,500 for 2013, 2014 plus $10,000 for 2015 and now $5,500 in 2016.  So their accumulated 2016 TFSA room would be $46,500.  Read more

    RDSP - Did You Know . . . . .

    For an adult beneficiary who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit and still lives with his/her parents, the definition of “Net Family Income” is based on the disabled person's income and does not include their parents’ income.  Read more

    LIRA, LIF - Did You Know? ? ?

    All pension jurisdictions continue to make changes to their pension legislation and you should always double check what is and is not allowed within the particular jurisdiction you are dealing with prior to advising a member of his/her options.    Read more . . . .


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